Do Extraterrestrials Have Human Sightings?

Space aliens, exploring the farthest reaches of the universe, and fierce intergalactic battles have been a part of our collective psyche almost as long as humans have mastered flight. We look up and wonder others are capable of not just intelligent life, but of also conquering the forces of gravity.

Humans Nervously Yearn to Make Contact

For longer than we have been capable of flight, there have been mentions of other worldly beings descending upon the Earth from above. I cannot attest to the truth or verifiability of those reported sightings, either past or present, I can only say that I believe it to be a distinctly viable possibility that there are lifeforms as evolved, or more so, somewhere other than on this planet alone.

When man first walked on the moon, he did it not knowing whether he would find any living creature there. He did not, and so we continue to explore the unknown both on Earth and in Outer Space. Ever curious beings, humanity searches on for extraterrestrial life.

As curious as we are to know if we are alone in this universe, we are also trepidatious about the possibility. Countless reams of papers and over a half-century of scientific research, not to mention amateur experiences and data collection, in various fields of study have been devoted to answering two questions. Are we alone? And, what happens if we aren’t?

Extraterrestrial Believe it or Not Game

The conversations surrounding the possibility of extraterrestrial life range from extreme skepticism to true believers. A large part of the global population lies somewhere in between of these polarized viewpoints. Most of us neither deny or confirm complete belief in intelligent life outside our species; we are open to the possibilities, either way.

Spaceman or Leprechaun?

Pop culture has been a favorite outlet for the discussion of extraterrestrial visitors. We’ve injected the concept into much of our daily lives and enjoy movies and TV shows related to the assumption that we are not alone in the universe. Ironically, perhaps, we often seek to humanize our possible otherworldly visitors in our depictions.

Like societal acceptance of the depiction of mythological creatures, our vision of non-ethereal or non-human intelligent life often tends to reflect humanity in some form. Over time, these impressions became the accepted descriptions of such beings. Favored descriptive phrases like “little green men” can refer to either a leprechaun or extraterrestrial lifeform.

We Come in Peace, I Hope

If verified contact was ever made between the inhabitants of our planet and those from a planet we aren’t aware of yet, I hope we have peaceful interactions. I think it would be fascinating to learn about the customs and habits of other intelligent species and learn what their take on humanity is.

If science fiction has gotten any of our possible interactions correct, I am hopeful that we can communicate peacefully, and enjoy a copacetic future among the stars and here on Earth.