The goal of this page

The goal is the site is to provide information on my work regarding messages constructions, SETI, METI, astrobiology and digital signal processing using KLT. I did most of the work of message construction with a collegue of mine (Yvan Dutil).

What is SETI ?

SETI stands for the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. It is a field of research grouping several activities regarding the detectiong of intelligent extraterrestial life. Its general approach is to survey the sky for radio transmissions, or optical beams such as lasers.

What is Active SETI, or METI ?

Active SETI is concerned about transmitting messages to the stars. The most current term used to describe this activity is METI (Messasing to Extraterrstrial Intelligence). It is a very controversial topic.

What is astrobiology ?

Astrobiology is a field of research concerned about the life out there, in the universe.